World Vets Responds to Bush Fires in Australia

Our Australia-based veterinary team, led by World Vets Disaster Response Veterinarian Dr Ben Brown, is on the ground and currently responding to assist injured wildlife, livestock and domestic animals, working in collaboration with the local veterinary community.  Our specialized team is comprised of Australian veterinarians and technicians with experience in disaster relief and mixed animal veterinary medicine including native wildlife.  We are collaborating with Sydney Animal Hospitals Northern Beaches and other veterinary clinics in New South Wales.

The most urgent need right now is for funds to purchase additional veterinary supplies like burn creams, fluids, pain medications, bandages and other supplies.

World Vets has set up an emergency fund to respond to this horrific situation. We will provide updates as we get more reports from the field.

Please consider making an emergency donation to support this effort.


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World Vets is a registered 501c(3) Non Government Organization.  All donations to World Vets are tax deductible.  Tax ID # 20-4637447


Art for Animals II – Auction


UPDATE: SOLD! Art for Animals was such a success that we are bringing it back! Just in time for the holidays!  This auction’s featured artist is Justin Brown. You can own this original + amazing piece while supporting animals in need.  All proceeds go to World Vets – International Aid for Animals.  Auction no longer running. Thank you for our support

DESCRIPTION OF ART PIECE AND INSPIRATION: This humpback whale fluke is hand sculpted from 2100 degree F molten hot glass. There are specific metal oxides added to the glass to make the color blue. This is combined with a sheet of pure silver foil on the surface.

FEATURED ARTIST:  Justin Brown is a talented Maui based glass artist who specializes in one-of-a-kind sculptural art glass. He was raised in a Veterinary household surrounded by animals of all types. He is co-owner of Makai Glass in Maui, Hawaii where he lives with his wife and daughter. Learn more about Justin and his work at

“The humpback whales that migrate annually to Maui are the inspiration for this piece. I am grateful to be able spend quite a bit of time on the water with them every year while practicing my passion for free-diving.”

Auction no longer running. Item SOLD.  Thank you for participating!

Hundreds Benefit from Sterilization Campaigns in South East Asia

During the month of November, World Vets held two high-volume sterilization campaigns in Laos and Cambodia. On both projects combined, we performed close to a thousand spay/neuter surgeries,  all provided free of charge. On each campaign, free rabies vaccinations were also provided for animal patients. Given that rabies is a serious health concern in these countries, we actively take part in its prevention with every veterinary event.

We are extremely grateful for our dedicated volunteers, local partners as well as donors and supporters for making these campaigns possible!

Recruiting Veterinary Team! Pacific Partnership 2020

World Vets will recruit a small veterinary team to contribute veterinary manpower and skills to accomplish the veterinary objectives of civil – military mission Pacific Partnership 2020. Our team will work alongside, and in collaboration with, US Army vets and techs as well as local government officials and animal health care professionals in the host nation of the Solomon Islands. Find out more!

Pacific Partnership is an annual U.S. Pacific Fleet humanitarian and civic assistance mission designed to work by, with and through host and partner nations, non-government organizations and international agencies to build partnerships and a collective ability to respond to natural disasters.

IMPORTANT: This is a veterinary expedition-style mission that is based “on the ground” for the duration of the event. There is no Navy ship and/or hospital ship involved.

**World Vets team will be selected/finalized by late January 2020. Should you wish to be considered, please send your information no later than December 31, 2019**

Who can volunteer on World Vets team?

Volunteer positions on World Vets veterinary team are only open to:

  • Those who are World Vets members and have previously volunteered with our organization
  • Veterinarians and veterinary technicians licensed to practice within the USA and/or Canada*
  • Those who can commit for the entire duration of the veterinary expedition (i.e. 10-12 days, not including travel time)

*Qualified veterinarians and/or veterinary nurses from the UK, Australia and/or New Zealand are also eligible, however may only be considered if they have a volunteer track record with World Vets

An ideal candidate has education in addition to experience relating to both large and small animals, public health, animal husbandry, zoonotic diseases, production and nutrition as well as sterilization surgery. Team members should also be capable of speaking/giving presentations and/or hands on instruction to host nation partners on specific veterinary related topics and/or activities.

Before expressing an interest, please read Volunteer Responsibilities for civil – military missions.

To be considered for a position on World Vets team, please write to  (Subject Titled: Pacific Partnership 2020) and include the following;

  1. Copy of CV/resume (to include past World Vets volunteer service)
  2. Copy of active veterinary license

Please note: World Vets volunteers will not receive veterinary training and/or instruction as part of this mission – host nation partners will be the recipients of any such support by our team. As a result, applicants must be interested in being mentors and/or providing training and instruction to host nation beneficiaries. We do not have volunteer opportunities for students as part of this mission.

Allesandra Lesho Memorial Scholarship

The Allesandra Lesho Memorial Scholarship was formed by family friends and co-workers at MV Transportation to commemorate the life of Allesandra (AJ) and to continue her legacy of excellence and compassion towards animals. This scholarship will recognize one outstanding individual by honoring them with a 1-week paid project fee for a 2020 World Vets project.

AJ volunteered her time & skills helping the animals of Ecuador with World Vets.  She embodied all the characteristics needed to be a global ambassador for animal health and welfare.  Her excitement to have been just admitted into veterinary technician school was palpable; vowing to take her new skills and knowledge to help the most vulnerable amongst us. She was the kind of person who left an imprint wherever she roamed.

The Allesandra Lesho Memorial Scholarship Fund opportunity is open to enrolled veterinary technician students or pre-vet students.

Scholarship & Eligibility details can be found here: Allesandra Lesho Memorial Scholarship Fund Details

Application instructions can be found here: Allesandra Lesho Memorial Scholarship Fund Application

The deadline for the Allesandra Lesho Memorial Scholarship Fund Application is Tuesday December 31, 2019.  The recipient will be notified by World Vets no later than January 15th, 2020. Contact with any questions.

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