Veterinary Field Projects

Small Animal

World Vets provides skilled teams of veterinarians and technicians that execute community wide spay neuter campaigns as well as health consultations for dogs and cats.  Our goal is to control the local animal population as well as treat and prevent zoonotic diseases. World Vets teams also perform other surgeries or treat injuries on a case by case basis. We operate a fully functional mobile surgery setup and travel with the veterinary supplies needed to provide routine veterinary care.




World Vets provides skilled teams of veterinarians and technicians to provide routine veterinary care for horses (and donkeys) as well as the veterinary supplies needed to perform parasite control, vaccinations and treat any health concerns or existing injuries.

Equine Welfare Program, Nicaragua


Livestock and Animal Husbandry

Veterinarians can a play a key role in addressing world hunger and poverty through improving livestock management and production in the developing world, especially among small farmers. World Vets works with farmers, livestock producers and farm cooperatives in developing countries to build capacity for improved production, while also placing an emphasis on animal welfare and sustainability. In addition, skilled veterinary teams are made available for large scale service projects addressing a variety of issues including disease prevention and treatment, parasite prevention and decreasing the spread of zoonotic diseases.

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