Terms and Conditions


COVID-19 has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization and is considered to be extremely contagious.  World Vets has put in place preventive measures to help reduce spread of COVID-19; however, we cannot guarantee that you will not become infected. Participation in international travel and activities organized or associated with World Vets may increase your risk of contracting COVID-19.

By registering for this trip, you agree to the following:

I acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk that I may be exposed to or infected by COVID- 19 by participation in events held by or associated with World Vets and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability, and death. I understand that the risk of becoming exposed to or infected by COVID-19 may result from the actions, omissions, or negligence of myself and others, including, but not limited to, World Vets, employees, volunteers, and program participants and their families.

I acknowledge that travel to a foreign country and/or a developing country may add increased risks to my health and safety, especially if I become sick or injured abroad. I am aware that if I test positive for COVID-19 while abroad, I will likely not be able to board a flight to my home country until I test negative and/or meet local or international criteria for travel.

I voluntarily agree to assume all of the foregoing risks and accept sole responsibility for any injury to myself (including, but not limited to, personal injury, disability, and death), illness, damage, loss, claim, liability, or expense, of any kind, that I may experience or incur in connection with my participation in events held by or associated with World Vets. (“Claims”). On my behalf, I hereby release, covenant not to sue, discharge, and hold harmless World Vets, its employees, directors, volunteers, contract workers, agents, and representatives (“Releasees”), of and from the Claims, including all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, costs or expenses of any kind arising out of or relating thereto. I understand and agree that this release includes any Claims based on the actions, omissions, or negligence of World Vets, its employees, volunteers, contract workers, agents, and representatives, whether a COVID-19 infection occurs before, during, or after participation held by or associated with World Vets.

I represent that I have adequate insurance to cover any injury or illness I may suffer or cause while participating in this activity, or else I agree to bear the costs of such injury or illness myself. I further represent that I have no medical or physical condition which could interfere with the safe participation in this activity, and I am willing to assume – and bear the costs of – all risks that may be created, directly or indirectly, by any such condition.  I agree that if any portion of this agreement is found to be void or unenforceable, the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect.

I agree that I comply with all health and safety rules and guidelines imposed by World Vets or by any state, local, or federal or foreign governmental entity, and will practice safe social distancing and clean hygiene during my participation at events held by or associated with World Vets.

I knowingly and freely assume all such risks related to illness and infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, even if arising from the negligence or fault of the Released Parties; and

I hereby release, waive, and forever discharge any and all liability, claims, and demands of whatever kind or nature against World Vets and its affiliated partners and sponsors, including in each case, without limitation, their directors, officers, employees, volunteers, and agents (the “released parties”), either in law or in equity, to the fullest extent permissible by law, including but not limited to damages or losses caused by the negligence, fault or conduct of any kind on the part of the released parties, including but not limited to death, bodily injury, illness, economic loss or out-of-pocket expenses, or loss or damage to property, which I, my heirs, assignees, next of kin and/or legally appointed or designated representatives, may have or which may hereinafter accrue on my behalf, which arise or may hereafter arise from my participation with the activity.

I understand and agree that World Vets may, at their sole discretion, cancel or postpone a trip due to lack of minimum enrollment or issues that compromise the safety of the group (e.g. war, terrorist acts, severe weather).  If a trip is canceled due to lack of minimum enrollment, your trip fee will be credited to a future trip or refunded.

I agree to pay due respect to the religious beliefs, customs and habits of the local population, and conduct myself accordingly.

I grant World Vets permission to copy, reproduce, exhibit, publish or distribute any likeness of myself, my belongings or my animals to be used for the purpose of creating stock, promotional material for World Vets.   Uses may include, but are not limited to, video recordings, photography displays, brochures, websites, multimedia programs, social media sites or any other type of promotional medium existing now or in the future.

I understand this is a non-paid volunteer position and an international humanitarian team effort serving often remote locations and difficult circumstances. On occasion, you may encounter basic-needs-only housing, no hot water and travel over long distances, both land and water, in a manner that you may not be accustomed to at home.  You will be advised of accommodations prior to project.

I agree to observe the laws and regulations of the local country (and country of origin laws which apply to expatriates) including but not limited to those concerning security, traffic laws, drugs, sexual activities, financial and currency regulations.

If my conduct is deemed inappropriate or incompatible with the interests and standards of the group, I may be asked to leave the project and/or find alternate accommodations.  A verbal warning will be provided prior to expulsion from the program.  Project fees will not be refunded, and any additional expenses are at your own cost.

If I choose to stay in alternate accommodations besides those provided, or not to participate in certain activities, there will be no refund or discount of trip cost.

If you consume alcohol, you will do so in a responsible manner.  Underage drinking is not permitted. Drug use is strictly prohibited. I understand that I will be representing World Vets and agree to uphold individual and group standards set forth by World Vets personnel.
I understand that trip fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable.  I acknowledge that it has been advised that I obtain travel and/or trip cancellation insurance to cover for any unforeseen illness, accident, canceled flight, extreme weather, trip cancellation, civil disturbance, war or other event that may interfere or prevent my participation in the project or cover accident, illness, or injury while I am participating on a World Vets project.

I will comply with all the required visas and international travel documents requested by authorities in destination and transit countries in which I travel, as well as their expiration dates.  It is my responsibility to ensure that I have an appropriate passport, visa and/or other travel documents.

World Vets volunteers are required to have their own medical insurance coverage that would cover any accident, illness, or injury that may occur while participating in World Vets programs.  Medical evacuation insurance is highly recommended.

I understand the risks of malaria, zoonotic disease, rabies and other diseases in other countries and accept that it is my responsibility to consult my travel doctor regarding the need for appropriate medications or vaccinations prior to and/or during my visit.  If I become ill or injured during the project, World Vets personnel may seek & coordinate emergency medical care for me for which I am fully responsible for any and all costs that may be incurred.  Should World Vets incur direct or indirect costs for providing emergency care or evacuation, I acknowledge that I am financially responsible for said costs.

I agree to have all necessary vaccinations, as recommended by my travel doctor, prior to traveling to the volunteer position.

I do voluntarily and without reservation on behalf of myself, my heirs and my estate, release and discharge absolutely and forever, World Vets, and any of its agents or program partners, and waive all claims, demands, of whatever nature for any injury, loss, damage, accident, delay, actions or cause of action, known or unknown, which I now have or may acquire in the future, irregularity or expense arising out of or directly or indirectly relating to my participation in a World Vets program, and arising from the use of any vehicle or services, war, acts of terrorism, pandemic, zoonosis, weather, sickness, government, airline, transporting company, firm, individual, or agency. I also acknowledge that I am aware that working with animals is unpredictable and can be hazardous and can result in injury and in rare cases death caused by (but not limited to) bites, scratches, kicks, zoonotic disease etc. I understand the terms of this Release and the consequences of it and acknowledge that I have not executed it under duress.

I agree to hold World Vets indemnified, freed and harmless against any claim, loss or damage arising out of any act of negligence or omission during my volunteer time, in connection with any worked related to World Vets or their affiliates.

I authorize World Vets to charge the credit card indicated in this web form, for the noted amount.  I understand this payment is for a project fee and that all project fees and deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable to other persons and/or other World Vets opportunities. I certify that I am an authorized user of this credit card and that I will not dispute the payment with my credit card company once it has been made.

I understand that all deposit fees and all project fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable to other persons and/or other World Vets opportunities. Volunteers are encouraged to purchase travelers’ insurance to cover for any unforeseen illness, injury, extreme weather causing flight delays and/or cancellations.

All volunteers participating in any projects or travel program of World Vets must read, abide by and agree to all statements herein.

Terms and Conditions


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World Vets prohibits, forbids, and does not tolerate discrimination against anyone on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, or disability. All employees, managers, supervisors, and job applicants are guaranteed the same employment opportunities. No person or employee, no matter his or her title or position, has the authority, whether expressed, actual, apparent or implied, to discriminate against another employee of World Vets.

World Vets will not discriminate against any employee, manager, supervisor, or applicant on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, or
disability. World Vets supervisors and/or managers will make all recruitment, placement, selection, training and layoff decisions based solely on job-related qualifications and abilities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, or disability.

World Vets will administer and conduct all personnel procedures including compensation, benefits, discipline, training, recreational and social activities, and safety and health programs without regard to an individual’s race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, or disability.

World Vets prohibits verbal, physical, or visual conduct that belittles or demeans any individual,
on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, or disability.


World Vets does not tolerate sexual harassment. World Vets provides procedures for victims of sexual harassment to report sexual harassment and disciplinary penalties for those who commit sexual harassment. No person, employee or third party, no matter his or her title or position, has the authority, whether expressed, actual, apparent or implied, to commit sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment includes any unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and any other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature where such actions or allowance of such actions are made a condition of employment that interferes with an individual’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment. Examples include requiring a sexual act or favor to keep a job, to procure a job or raise, or to obtain a promotion.

World Vets prohibits, forbids, and does not tolerate any employee, manager or visitor, male or female, to harass an employee or non-employee participant in the workplace or to create a hostile or intolerable working environment by exhibiting, committing or encouraging:

  • Material such as pornographic or sexually explicit posters, calendars, graffiti or objects,
  • Unwanted, unwelcome, and unwarranted sexual advances, including, but not limited to, requests, comments or innuendoes regarding sex, including sexual jokes, gestures, statements or stalking,
  • Intentional or malicious physical conduct that is sexual in nature, including, but not limited to, touching, pinching, patting, brushing and/or pulling against another’s body or clothes; and
  • Physical assaults on other employees, including but not limited to rape, sexual battery, molestation, or any attempts to commit such acts or assaults.  World Vets will determine what constitutes sexual harassment based on a review of the facts and circumstances of each situation. World Vets reserves the right and hereby provides notice that third parties may be used to investigate claims of sexual harassment. You must cooperate in any investigation of workplace wrongdoing or risk termination. All employees, including supervisors and managers, will be subject to severe disciplinary action, up to and including discharge, for any act of sexual harassment they are believed to have committed.


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