Request Assistance

We strive to work in partnership with foreign animal welfare groups, veterinary professionals, other nongovernmental organizations (NGO`s) as well as local and national governments, and their respective agencies responsible for animal welfare, agriculture and public health.

World Vets provides the following veterinary assistance:
  1. We send veterinary teams to provide free veterinary aid
  2. We provide disaster relief for animals in affected areas
  3. We provide training and/or instruction in spay/neuter surgery
  4. We provide guidance/advice and capacity building programs in animal husbandry/livestock production
  5. We can consider requests for addressing complex veterinary issues or those that involve human/animal interactions (such as zoonotic disease problems).
Please note

We are not a grantmaking organization. We do not accept requests for financial assistance. At this time, we also do not provide assistance for international zoo interventions.

Requesting organizations should meet the following criteria before requesting assistance:
  1. Be located outside of North America; in the “Global South” and/or in a location classified as experiencing high levels of economic and social disparity (i.e. “developing” or “underdeveloped” nations)
  2. Have a strong existing base of local support or the ability to create such partnerships
  3. Be able to outline the existing problem(s) and the identify the type of assistance that is needed
Special Note

Should you seek a World Vets veterinary team to provide a high volume sterilization campaign, we also request that you investigate whether foreign veterinarians are legally permitted to provide such services in your location. For instance, that there are no local laws banning veterinarians from other countries from performing surgery. If there are requirements for foreign veterinarians, this is information that we would inquire about upon receiving your initial request for assistance.

How to Request Veterinary Assistance

We ask that you send an email inquiry to and include the following:

  1. Information about your organization/group; location, mission, links to social media sites (i.e. website, facebook page, new articles, blogs) and contact information
  2. Information about the problem(s) you wish to address and type of veterinary assistance desired

If you will be requesting assistance in the form of a World Vets team visit, you may be invited to complete our veterinary assistance form for further consideration. To be considered, we ask that inquiries be sent by an individual residing in the country in question and who represents the organization and/or group in need of/requesting assistance. By requesting assistance, this individual takes on the role and responsibility of local coordinator/liaison and in turn would need to be “on the ground” prior to and during a potential World Vets visit.

Other Notes
  • We accept and consider project requests year round, however, all new requests are typically reviewed once a year
  • World Vets receives many requests for assistance.  We prioritize requests based on feasibility, opportunity for significant impact and available resources
  • World Vets does not recruit individual veterinarians and/or volunteers for placements with international organizations
  • World Vets does not plan projects in areas that are at war or have a high threat of terrorist activity. For this reason, we are not able to consider project requests for areas that have major safety concerns and/or travel advisories per the U.S State Department. Specific regions of the world that we are unable to consider for assistance at this time (due to security concerns) include the Middle East, Central Asia and various parts of Africa.
  • Our work continues, but due to the COVID-19 global pandemic we are currently not sending volunteers on international projects.  Please check back later for new volunteer projects in the future.