Galapagos Islands

World Vets Galapagos- Conservation Medicine Program

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Domestic Animals:

World Vets, along with Lakefield Veterinary Group-the founding sponsor, launched a full service veterinary clinic for dogs and cats on the Galapagos Islands, based on Isla San Cristobal. The clinic provides preventive health care, health examinations, diagnostics, medical and surgical treatments, sterilization surgeries and much more. The clinic is equipped with gas anesthesia, oxygen concentrators, ultrasound, laboratory, in house pharmacy.  (Digital radiology is coming soon!)  We are regularly adding new equipment and capabilities and the clinic is already expanding to provide addition space needed to meet the large demand for keeping island pets healthy.   We work closely with the municipality (GAD Municipal de San Cristobal Galapagos) and the government agency Agencia de Regulation y Control de la Bioseguridad para Galapagos (ABG) and in partnership with Galapagos Conservancy and cooperation with Animal Balance.  Islands pets must be spayed and neutered, registered, microchipped and kept healthy.  Responsible pet ownership is very important to help maintain the delicate balance of the islands and pets must be kept on-leash to prevent interactions with wildlife.  No new dogs or cats can be imported into the Galapagos Islands.


Grand Opening of the World Vets Small Animal Veterinary Clinic in 2021

Marine and Terrestrial Wildlife:







World Vets veterinary team, together with the Galapagos National Park Directorate San Cristobal Technical Unit, carries out monitoring surveys on the Galapagos sea lion populations in various locations in San Cristobal Island while also responding to clinical cases in both urban and remote areas.  This ongoing collaboration is part of World Vets Conservation Medicine Program working to protect the unique biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands.