Disaster Response

Massive Earthquake Rattled NepalFor over a decade World Vets has been providing free emergency veterinary response to animals impacted by natural disasters.  Thousands of animals have benefited from these services.  Below are just some of the communities where World Vets Disaster Response team has been able to care for animals in need.  This important work is made possible with the support of our generous donors.  If you would like to make a contribution specifically to World Vets Disaster Response program, click donate below.

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Australia Bush Fires

World Vets Australia-based veterinary team, led by World Vets Disaster Response Veterinarian Dr Ben Brown, provided professional care to injured wildlife, livestock and domestic animals impacted by the devastating bush fires of Australia. Our specialized team collaborated with Sydney Animal Hospitals Northern Beaches, the local veterinary community and our established network of veterinary professionals in Australia.


West Coast Wildfires

World Vets Disaster Response Team helped animals impacted by the devastating wildfires of Washington. Early on we set up a dedicated hotline for owners to call in and request emergency veterinary services which we provide free of charge for animals impacted by the fires. Our efforts included field response, clinical assessment and treatment of burned and injured animals, herd health assessments, donation and delivery of feed, supplies and fencing materials and working to address other urgent needs related to animals.









Nicaragua Tropical Storms & Flooding

World Vets’ Nicaragua veterinary staff deployed to regions of Nicaragua that had been impacted by strong tropical storms and provided support to animals in need.  Our team worked hard to provide over 340 gallons of water, 800 pounds of pet food, and much needed treatment and prophylactic care for several hundred animals that were impacted by the tropical storms and flooding.

Nepal Earthquake

World Vets response to the Nepal earthquake focused primarily on the remote and outlying rural villages in the country. These locations proved to be the hardest hit and in need of urgent, and often times life saving, veterinary work for primarily livestock. Our disaster response team was one of the first to arrive after the earthquake and worked in collaboration with local animal rescue groups, local and government veterinarians as well as other international aid agencies.   Our services included direct animal care, capacity building for long term impact, establishing and providing training for specific treatment protocols for challenging veterinary cases unique to this disaster.  We also provided direct financial support to local animal welfare groups. See the updates posted during our response here

Massive Earthquake Rattled Nepal

Bosnia -Herzegovina Flood

Our disaster response personnel worked in collaboration with the faculty of veterinary medicine at the University of Sarajevo and government officials to identify needs and get help where it was needed. Together we conducted country-wide assessments that identified animal concerns as well as supplies and equipment needed to help them. Based on the regional needs that were identified, we sent a shipment of veterinary supplies and equipment to aid in the relief efforts as they relate to animals.  These include herd health and public health issues, zoonotic disease prevention as well as direct animal care.



Philippines – Typhoon Haiyan

World Vets responded to Typhoon Haiyan with veterinary supplies, financial support and on the ground teams.  Initial support was sent to our partners working to help animals in the destruction area as our disaster response team mobilized for deployment.


Thailand Flood

World Vets responded immediately to the dramatic flooding in Bangkok, Thailand by sending seven veterinarians who treated hundreds of animals.

Read our report.

Japan Tsunami

World Vets was the first animal relief organization to have volunteers on the ground in Japan after the Tsunami hit.  To date, World Vets has donated over $125,000.00 worth equipment, supplies and pet products to the relief effort in Japan and is continuing to make regular supply donations.


Haiti Earthquake

World Vets had a team of veterinarians and technicians on the ground in Haiti within days of the January 12, 2010 earthquake.  The team worked with a UN task force to rescue and treat injured animals.

Special thanks to the Fondation Brigitte Bardot for their support of the development of our disaster response program.