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Help us create a world where all animals have access to skilled veterinary care!



LEAVE A LEGACY                            WEDDING REGISTRY                     EBAY GIVING WORKS                     STUDENT AMBASSADOR

A great way to contribute                  Invite your family & friends                 Through buying & selling items         Represent World Vets
to the future of World Vets is             to consider an online donation          with Ebay Giving Works                     and promote our opportunities 
through planned giving.                      to World Vets in your honor.             you can support World Vets!             amongst your peers.

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WELZOO                                           DONATE                                             AMAZON WISH LIST                       GIVE BACK BIRTHDAYS 
Make www.welzoo.com your             Your gift will help animals                   Check out our Wish List on                Invite your friends to consider
homepage & support World Vets       around the world that would               Amazon! Help World Vets while         an online donation to World Vets
every time you go online!                  otherwise have no care.                      you shop for your own items!             in your (or your pets) honor!   

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GOOD SEARCH                                 SHOP WORLD VETS                       VOLUNTEER                                    CORPORATE SPONSORS
Choose World Vets to receive             Check out World Vets Gear!              We have volunteer opportunities      Sponsorship is essential for
a donation every time you                   All proceeds help animals in              for veterinarians, technicians,           us to support animals in need.

search the web with DailyGood!          need around the globe.                     students and any animal lover!         Plus, a great exchange of benefits!

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Your employer may double
your gift at no cost to you. See
if your company matches gifts!

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