Civil-Military Humanitarian Aid


World Vets is the veterinary non-governmental organization (NGO) represented on a variety of U.S. Navy led humanitarian aid missions. These missions provide medical, dental and veterinary coverage to developing regions in South East Asia and the Pacific as well as the Caribbean, and Central and South America, respectively. World Vets contributes veterinary manpower and skills to accomplish the mission`s objectives by organizing volunteer opportunities for veterinary professionals.

The goal of these missions is to strengthen alliances, improve upon the capacity to deliver humanitarian assistance and disaster relief and finally to improve security cooperation among partner nations.

Our teams work alongside and in collaboration with US Army vets and technicians as well as animal health care professionals and local veterinarians in host nations.

Cambodia MissionPacific Partnership

Serves: South Pacific and South East Asia
World Vets Involvement since 2009

Pacific Partnership is an annual U.S. Pacific Fleet humanitarian and civic assistance mission designed to work by, with and through host and partner nations, non-government organizations and international agencies to build partnerships and a collective ability to respond to natural disasters.  Future missions will be delivering assistance with a focus on veterinary training and teaching.

Continuing Promise

Serves: Caribbean, Central America, South America
World Vets Involvement since 2009

Continuing Promise is a humanitarian and civic assistance deployment program is composed of U.S. military personnel, partner nations’ forces and civilian relief volunteers that provide medical, dental and veterinary care, in addition to training for military personnel and valuable services to communities in need.  Future missions will be delivering assistance with a focus on veterinary training and teaching.

New Horizons & Beyond the Horizons

Serves: Latin America

These are “ground” missions sponsored by US Southern Command, joint foreign military humanitarian and civic assistance exercises.

Who can volunteer on World Vets veterinary team?

  • World Vets members who have previous volunteer experience with our organization
  • Qualified Veterinarians and veterinary technicians licensed to practice within the USA/Canada*
  • Those who can make a minimum 2-3 week commitment

*Qualified veterinarians and/or veterinary nurses from the UK, Australia and/or New Zealand are also eligible, however will only be considered if they have a volunteer track record with World Vets

These missions typically run on an annual basis and World Vets subsequently recruits qualified and eligible volunteers for our team(s) anytime between September – December when information is released to us.

This work continues, but due to the COVID-19 global pandemic we are currently not accepting volunteers on international projects. Please check back later for new volunteer projects in the future.