World Vets develops, implements and manages international veterinary and disaster relief programs to help animals, educate people and have a positive impact on communities.  Improving animal welfare and alleviating suffering are high on our priority list but our work extends beyond that.  Our programs help to prevent the spread of diseases from animals to humans; our livestock programs help small farmers to pull themselves out of poverty, and our disaster relief efforts for animals directly impact people who might otherwise remain in dangerous situations if the needs of their animals are not addressed.

World Vets recognizes the importance of the One Health concept in which health of humans, animals and their ecosystems are inextricably linked.  Our programs help not only animals, but also people and the communities in which they live.

World Vets is able to improve the lives of thousands of animals each year by providing free veterinary care through our dedicated volunteer force of over 4,000 individuals combined with financial support and in-kind donations.

Our volunteers have a wide range of skill, expertise and experience. Our volunteer force is comprised of veterinarians, licensed and non licensed technicians, pre veterinary, veterinary and technician students, as well as those who are simply animal lovers.  All our volunteers are passionate about helping animals and the desire to make a difference.

Currently, World Vets has four established programs to help animals:

1. Veterinary Field Service Programs

  • Small Animal spay/neuter and medical treatments
  • Equine and Donkey Welfare
  • Livestock and Animal Husbandry
  • Advancing scientific knowledge as it relates to veterinary issues in developing countries

2. Disaster Response Program

3. Training Programs

4. Civil-Military Humanitarian Aid

Our programs span 48 countries on 6 continents. We work in partnership with animal welfare groups, foreign governments, non-governmental organizations, agriculture and public health officials, as well as, a wide variety of veterinary professionals in the countries where we provide service.


World Vets Mission is to improve the health and well being of animals by providing veterinary aid and training in developing countries and by providing disaster relief worldwide.


World Vets vision is to create a world where all animals have access to skilled veterinary care.


At the core of World Vets’ values is the belief that all animals deserve kindness and compassion. Although World Vets’ programs often focus on improving the lives of large populations of animals on a global-scale, we never lose sight of how critically important it is to provide a profound level of kindness and excellent care to each individual animal.  World Vets also believes strongly in the One Health concept in which the health of animals, people and the environment are inextricably connected to one another and thus we strive to not only help animals but also people and the communities in which they live.

World Vets exists to improve the lives of animals worldwide. We get things done with minimal bureaucracy and maximum impact. We value collaboration and partnerships with local partners to maximize efforts to improve animal welfare on a global scale. World Vets’ staff thrives in a dynamic and ever-changing environment and understands that growth and improvement require adaptability, flexibility, and innovation. We recognize and embrace diversity and cultural differences.  World Vets operates with a high level of integrity and we always strive to do the right thing and be true to our word.


Build the capacity of developing nation partner organizations to provide veterinary services through professional collaborations, service projects and product donations.

Create opportunities for veterinary professionals to volunteers their skills and expertise for the benefit of underserved populations of animals in developing countries.

Provide training and educational opportunities in developing countries for veterinarians and students in the veterinary field while inspiring a desire to help less fortunate animals.

Contribute to the scientific understanding of veterinary issues impacting animals in developing countries.

Provide disaster relief worldwide in situations where animals are impacted