Volunteer Descriptions

World Vets operates many international field service projects throughout the year. Many of which have volunteer opportunities for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, students and assistants. All volunteer opportunities are open to any nationality.

Volunteer position types and the number of each available will depend on the type of project to be operated. For instance, small animal projects will have 12-16 positions available with the following breakdown: 5-6 veterinarians, 1-2 licensed veterinary technicians, 5-6 non-licensed technicians and/or students, 2 assistants. For a equine and/or donkey welfare project, 6-8 positions will typically be available to veterinarians, veterinary technicians and/or students.

For the majority of World Vets volunteer opportunities, volunteer positions fill on a first come first serve basis. For these projects, prospective volunteers are able to register themselves for a position on a team via registration links provided on the World Vets website. However, for specific projects such as civil-military missions and/or pilot projects, there may be an application process for volunteers. As with registration links, the appropriate application is provided on World Vets website where necessary.

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