Lakefield Veterinary Group

World Vets and Lakefield Veterinary Group Partnership

World Vets has partnered with Lakefield Veterinary Group to provide their team members with an annual international experience which allows them to give back and help animals in need. What’s more, this opportunity not only helps to foster their corporate culture of “do the right thing,” but it also gives employees the chance to meet and work with other members of the Lakefield “family.”

Lakefield Veterinary Group understands the impact that community involvement can have in helping animals that enrich our lives. In partnership with World Vets, Lakefield sends 15 team members to destinations around the world to help animals in need. From Peru to Nicaragua and beyond, World Vets + Lakefield have performed nearly 750 spay/neuters for animals in need. These are incredibly rewarding experiences filled with meaningful connections with people and pets. We look forward to continuing to support communities in need.