World Vets Responds to West Coast Wildfires

The West Coast is on fire and World Vets is responding.  We have received an official request to respond to assist animals in the fires in Omak and Okanogan County Washington. There are numerous burned animals that need immediate assistance, primarily livestock, horses and wildlife. We need your help to support this effort.  Our veterinarians are providing care for injured and burned animals, providing equipment and supplies and will also be working with local authorities to make assessments for short term and long term recovery efforts.

fire 2

Washington fires. (photo Tristan Forsch/KATU-TV, AP)

How you can help:

Cash donations are most helpful so we can directly purchase supplies.  We will be putting in an order for fencing material in Omak that can be delivered right away and will also be taking a stock trailer full of supplies.  We will also be providing hay and other feed. Additionally, we will be placing an order with our veterinary distributor to purchase items like antibiotics, burn creams, vet wrap, bandage materials, pain medications, etc.  We need funds for fencing, veterinary supplies, feed, and transport costs for our vet team.

Drop Off Supplies for Donation: If you live in Western Washington and want to donate fencing materials directly (stock panels, T-posts, electric fence, insulators, etc) and can deliver them to the Okanogan County Fairgrounds, please reach out to us for specifics.

Volunteer:  We have our core team of disaster responder veterinarians, however, we may have a need for additional large animal or wildlife veterinarians. If you are a large animal, mixed animal or wildlife veterinarian licensed in Washington state, have previously volunteered with World Vets and are interested in volunteering, please send us an email at  We may call upon those additional veterinarians depending on needs.

World Vets has set up an emergency fund to respond to this horrific situation. We will provide updates as we get more reports from the field.  Click on the link below to donate specifically to our disaster response program.

Please consider making an emergency donation to support this effort.

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World Vets is a registered 501c(3) Non Government Organization.  All donations are tax deductible.  Tax ID # 20-4637447