World Vets Receives Recognition from Mayor in Ecuador


Earlier this week, World Vets along with our longtime partner BAI, was recognized by the Mayor of district Antonio Ante in Ecuador for over a decade of service to the region.  World Vets has been working in this region high in the Andes Mountain for going on eleven years, bringing veterinary services to thousands of animals that would otherwise have no access to care.  Throughout this time, we have partnered with local group Bienstar Animal Imbabura and together have worked tirelessly to improve the lives of the local animals, people and the communities in which they live.  Throughout the world, World Vets has many partnerships like this one working in collaboration with government municipalities and local animal welfare organizations to provide veterinary support to animals in need in underserved areas.

Below are some photos of our ongoing work in Ecuador:


Investigating Gray Whale Deaths in Washington

Nineteen Gray whales have washed ashore in Washington over the last several weeks and more than 55 have stranded on the West Coast this year.  World Vets has been involved in the disease investigation and necropsies working with lead scientists from Cascadia Research Collective, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife as well as other members of the West Coast Marine Mammal Stranding Network.  The strandings already seen this year are the most of any year since the year 2000 and its still early in the whale migration season.  Most of the whales have shown signs of nutritional stress and poor body condition, although its still too early to fully understand the exact cause of the high death numbers.  Additional testing and evaluation of collected samples are pending and should provide more insight into these deaths.

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Thank you Team Nepal! Hundreds of Street Dogs Sterilized

Last month World Vets had two veterinary teams in Nepal to provide free sterilization services for street dogs. We would like to thank our dedicated volunteers, donors as well as local partners. From your efforts, and with your support, hundreds of dogs now have a greater chance at a better life!

You can help us make a difference! World Vets returns to Kathmandu later this year, and we still have a need for volunteers. Find out more

Calling All Cat Lovers & Feline Practitioners

We have an upcoming field service project that is the perfect volunteer opportunity for cat lovers and feline practitioners. We will be operating a free high volume sterilization campaign in Shkodër, Albania from August 1- 8, 2019, and 70% of animal patients are expected to be cats!

Volunteer opportunities are still available for veterinarians, technicians (both licensed and non-licensed), as well as students and for general assistants (individuals with no previous veterinary experience). Find out more!

Booking a direct flight to Albania might be expensive from North America. As such, we suggest prospective volunteers look into booking a round trip flight to a major hub in Europe (i.e. Amsterdam, Bucharest, Rome) and from that location book a separate flight to Albania. We also recommend that volunteers search for flight options on, and then book directly through the airline offering the best deal/itinerary.

Hundreds of Animals Benefit from Veterinary Campaigns carried out in March

Last month World Vets had countless veterinary teams working in both Central and South America to provide free veterinary services for a variety of animal species.

We had a team working in Guatemala where they provided a free high volume sterilization campaign for companion animals. Our efforts in this country continue to focus on Mayan communities outlying the city of Antigua, where access to veterinary services are limited. Aside from spay/neuter, our volunteers also came across many other ailments in animal patients such as tumors, pyometras as well as canine transmissible venereal tumor (TVT), which were all addressed free of charge for pet owners.

Two additional veterinary field projects were operated in Ecuador, which facilitated free spay/neuter, alongside other needed veterinary services for animal patients. World Vets has been working in the Imbabura province of Ecuador for a decade now, where we continue to honor our agreements with local municipalities. Such agreements contend that  sterilization be provided as the accepted form of pet population control in exchange for the termination of mass poisonings once carried out.

And World Vets also had a fourth veterinary team provide annual health exams for an array of wildlife and exotics in Roatan, Honduras. This project was carried out with our long time partner Maya Key, who houses and cares for species rescued from the illegal wildlife trade and other unfortunate situations.

We would like to thank our dedicated volunteers, donors, as well as local partners and Fondation Brigitte Bardot for their continual support of our veterinary field service activities. All of which help to improve the health and wellbeing of animals worldwide!

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