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A Miracle Surgery Performed

The World Vets team examines Lassi's tumor

One of our recent teams in Nicaragua met a sweet dog named Lassi.She was brought to us by her concerned owner, Anna, who was praying for a miracle. Not too long ago Lassi developed a collection of small tumors that soon turned into one very large mass that hung from her abdomen. The tumor grew to be so big that it almost touched the ground, making it difficult for her to walk and move around.

Before bringing Lassi to us, Anna had consulted many local veterinarians for help. They all advised her that Lassi should be put to sleep. Unwilling to accept this diagnosis, it now became Anna’s mission to find another solution, that would lessen Lassi’s suffering, without ending her life.

World Vets surgeons prepare to begin the operation

Our team was able to fulfill such a noble cause and got straight to work. The operation took place at our surgical training center, where our team of surgeons were equipped with modern technology such as gas anesthesia, pulse oximeters, central oxygen and fluid pumps. All such equipment allowed for optimal monitoring and safe anesthesia during the one hour operation. Following surgery, Lassi was kept overnight to monitor her recovery and for proper pain management.

The next morning, it was a miracle. Lassi was able to stand up and walk, tumor free and healing well. The operation was a success. Anna was overjoyed and exclaimed “Thanks to God and to World Vets, I still have my pretty dog. Now I am happy.”

Lassi one day after surgery; fully recovered, healing well and ready to go home

Anna and Lassi’s story is but one of many whose lives have been touched and positively impacted by a World Vets team. We are able to make such miracles happen with the support of our dedicated volunteers and donors.

Help us make more miracles – consider volunteering or donating today!





Teams Deployed Helping Animals this Week

This week we have two teams deployed and out helping the animals of the world. These teams are currently in Belize (pictured left) and Nicaragua. Both are running free spay/neuter clinics, in addition to providing preventative health care, health consultations and other treatments. But that’s not all, more teams are headed out before the week is over to Honduras and Ecuador!
We thank our dedicated and awesome vet teams for all of their hard work in caring for so many precious animals. If you would like to be part of a World Vets team, check out our upcoming volunteer opportunities here

Helping Pets in Japan – An Ongoing Effort

Following the Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011,World Vets responded immediately to aid the animals that were affected. During our response, we worked in collaboration with Japanese animal welfare organizations as well as veterinary professionals.  In addition, World Vets has donated over $125,000 worth of veterinary equipment, supplies and pet products to aid in the recovery efforts.

Since the disaster, World Vets has remained committed to the well being of animals in Japan. This week we held a free spay/neuter clinic in Sendai, Japan In collaboration with Fukurobara Veterinary Clinic. This clinic treated and addressed the feral cat population that has grown exponentially in some areas of Japan.

We appreciate our donors who help make this ongoing work possible. With your support, we are able to reach many animals that otherwise would never receive treatment.


World Vets Helps Animals in the Dominican Republic

World Vets was recently in the Dominican Republic where we provided a large scale sterilization campaign for the island’s animals. Our team worked in collaboration with a great local organization Asociación de Amigos por los Animales de Sosúa (AAAS). Together we operated a three day clinic in the coastal community of Sosúa Abajo.

All veterinary aid provided was at no cost and thus made veterinary care possible for those who would otherwise never receive it.

Prior to our visit, World Vets has been an ongoing supporter of AAAS through veterinary product donations.

Visit World Vets Booth at Western Veterinary Conference

Has it always been a dream of yours to volunteer with World Vets? Heska Corporation would like to make it a reality. If you will be at the Western Veterinary Conference (February 19 – 23, 2012) in Las Vegas, stop by our booth, pick up an entry form and tell Heska why you should be picked to win an all expense paid trip* to volunteer on a World Vets project. The winner will be announced following the conference.

*Heska Corporation will cover the winners airfare as well as World Vets project fee (that will include your accommodations for the week as well as airport transfers etc).  Total prize value up to $2250.

World Vets Team Saves Donkeys on Island of St Eustatius

Located in the Netherland Antilles, St.Eustatius is a small Caribbean island roughly two miles wide and about seven miles long. Over the years, the islands inhabitants have allowed their animals to roam freely. This in turn has also allowed them to reproduce unabated. Such a scenario has come to characterize the “donkey problem” that the island now faces – what to do about the roaming donkey population that has accumulated, especially in a location where the carrying capacity is very limited. With failed attempts to ship them elsewhere and with inhabitants against euthanasia, the ministry of agriculture reached out to World Vets for assistance.

We have answered their call. This month World Vets has a team in St. Eustatius (also referred to as Statia) where they are providing a humane solution for the roaming donkey population. Our team is operating a catch, castrate and release program for the island’s donkeys. Additionally, each donkey caught will receive a complete health exam as well as any treatments needed. While on the island, our team has also reached out to the cat and dog population and performed one hundred sterilization surgeries and health consultations.

Our team, in collaboration with the the ministry of agriculture, is making veterinary aid possible for the animals of St. Eustatius. More importantly, we are facilitating a much greater objective, that of helping restore the ecological balance and overall health for all the inhabitants of the island. All World Vets veterinary services are provided at no cost.

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