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Busy in Brazil! Hundreds of Animals Receive Veterinary Care

During the month of September we operated two veterinary service campaigns in Northeastern Brazil. These projects benefited not only dogs and cats, but horses as well. Hundreds of sterilizations were performed, which provided a great service for the community in helping to control the street dog and cat population. It also provided relief to local animal rescuers who struggle to afford the cost of spay/neuter for all of the animals they care for.

Countless horses also received veterinary care as part of our efforts in Brazil. A large portion of equine beneficiaries were carriage and cart horses, as well as those rescued and housed at rehabilitation centers.

We would like thank Fondation Brigitte Bardot for their support of our Brazilian campaigns this year. We also thank our dedicated volunteers and local partners for contributing their skills, energy and passion toward helping animals in need!

See pictures from Brazil

World Vets IVM Program in a New Location!

The International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) Program  is World Vets official student program. It provides students with an opportunity to receive one on one instruction in relation to the preparation, execution and recovery of patients from spay and neuter surgery. Students stand to benefit from this multi – disciplinary training and cultural experience as it will enhance their education and give them a broader understanding of international veterinary medicine.  Read more

To date this program has been offered in Nicaragua and Ecuador. It will now be offered in Peru as a field medicine clinic starting this December! Opportunities for students still exist on our Winter IVM session scheduled to take place in Cusco, Peru from Dec 27, 2019 – Jan 3, 2020. Find out more!

Update: A NEW! Winter session has been scheduled from Dec 16 – 23, 2019! Student registration for this opportunity will be released next month!

World Vets Team Helps Wildlife in Honduras

This summer World Vets had a veterinary team in Roatan, Honduras to provide free veterinary services for wildlife and exotics.

A big issue in this particular region is the Illegal pet trade and the trafficking of wildlife. As such, the government faces a huge challenge with managing confiscated or abandoned animals. A temporary solution is finding wildlife sanctuaries that can care for these animals with the combination of sustainable tourism and education. These facilities are in turn accredited by the government and as a rule, do not buy or sell wildlife. For this project, World Vets partnered with these operations to provide needed veterinary care. The majority of our work during this campaign included exams, blood work, parasite testing and treatment and some minor surgical procedures.

We would like to thank our outstanding team of passionate professionals and students! We would also like to extend our gratitude to Maya Key, the Governor of the Bay Islands and the Director of the Wildlife Health Department for their support and collaboration.

A Successful Summer in Ecuador

World Vets International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) Program is our official student program. It is a multi – disciplinary training and cultural experience that enhances students education and also gives them a broader understanding of international veterinary medicine.

This summer our IVM Program took place in Ecuador. Hundreds of animals benefited for our free veterinary services, which included sterilization surgeries as well as community outreach field clinics that tended to both small animals and livestock.  See pictures

We’d like to thank our outstanding student and veterinary volunteers, local partners as well as our supporters for making this an amazing summer!

If you missed this opportunity, we still have student spots open on our IVM session scheduled in August. Find out more

World Vets takes part in New Horizons Guyana

World Vets currently has a veterinary team in Guyana providing free veterinary care as part of the New Horizons Training Exercise. World Vets is a proud partner of US Southern Command humanitarian aid operations. These missions have our teams work alongside US Army vets and techs, in addition to animal health care professionals and local veterinarians in host nations. We thank our dedicated volunteers for their service as well as New Horizons for this great opportunity to improve animal health and welfare in Guyana!


Thank you Team Nepal! Hundreds of Street Dogs Sterilized

Last month World Vets had two veterinary teams in Nepal to provide free sterilization services for street dogs. We would like to thank our dedicated volunteers, donors as well as local partners. From your efforts, and with your support, hundreds of dogs now have a greater chance at a better life!

You can help us make a difference! World Vets returns to Kathmandu later this year, and we still have a need for volunteers. Find out more

Calling All Cat Lovers & Feline Practitioners

We have an upcoming field service project that is the perfect volunteer opportunity for cat lovers and feline practitioners. We will be operating a free high volume sterilization campaign in Shkodër, Albania from August 1- 8, 2019, and 70% of animal patients are expected to be cats!

Volunteer opportunities are still available for veterinarians, technicians (both licensed and non-licensed), as well as students and for general assistants (individuals with no previous veterinary experience). Find out more!

Booking a direct flight to Albania might be expensive from North America. As such, we suggest prospective volunteers look into booking a round trip flight to a major hub in Europe (i.e. Amsterdam, Bucharest, Rome) and from that location book a separate flight to Albania. We also recommend that volunteers search for flight options on, and then book directly through the airline offering the best deal/itinerary.

Hundreds of Animals Benefit from Veterinary Campaigns carried out in March

Last month World Vets had countless veterinary teams working in both Central and South America to provide free veterinary services for a variety of animal species.

We had a team working in Guatemala where they provided a free high volume sterilization campaign for companion animals. Our efforts in this country continue to focus on Mayan communities outlying the city of Antigua, where access to veterinary services are limited. Aside from spay/neuter, our volunteers also came across many other ailments in animal patients such as tumors, pyometras as well as canine transmissible venereal tumor (TVT), which were all addressed free of charge for pet owners.

Two additional veterinary field projects were operated in Ecuador, which facilitated free spay/neuter, alongside other needed veterinary services for animal patients. World Vets has been working in the Imbabura province of Ecuador for a decade now, where we continue to honor our agreements with local municipalities. Such agreements contend that  sterilization be provided as the accepted form of pet population control in exchange for the termination of mass poisonings once carried out.

And World Vets also had a fourth veterinary team provide annual health exams for an array of wildlife and exotics in Roatan, Honduras. This project was carried out with our long time partner Maya Key, who houses and cares for species rescued from the illegal wildlife trade and other unfortunate situations.

We would like to thank our dedicated volunteers, donors, as well as local partners and Fondation Brigitte Bardot for their continual support of our veterinary field service activities. All of which help to improve the health and wellbeing of animals worldwide!

World Vets Operates Free Sterilization & Rabies Vaccination Campaign in India

During the month of February World Vets operated a two week long campaign south of New Delhi, India. This veterinary effort provided free spay/neuter and rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats.

We’d like to thank our donors, dedicated veterinary volunteers as well as local partners, People for Animals Trust and the National Institute of Animal Welfare of Faridabad, for making this possible.

See pictures

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