Helping Pets in Ecuador for 14+ Years

Ecuador2023 - Lakefield (24)At the start of this month, World Vets completed a large-scale sterilization campaign in the town of Otavalo, Ecuador. Partnering with local group Bienstar Animal Imbabura (BAI) and the Lakefield Veterinary Group, World Vets’ volunteers performed 305 surgeries in 3 days! The team also provided no-cost veterinary consultations and treatments for other animal health issues and participated in a Friday outreach. The community outreach in Ibarra provided animal check-ups, deworming, flea and tick treatment, and other preventative care for 239 animals. All services were offered free of charge to the local community.

World Vets has been working together with BAI for over 14 years in a wonderful partnership that has helped tens of thousands of dogs and cats in northern Ecuador. World Vets’ long-standing partnership with BAI and the generous sponsorship from LVG, as well as the contribution of the volunteers, provided a positive outcome for the recent campaign. We also appreciated the local support and collaboration with the Alcaldia Ciudadana de Otavalo and the mayor of Ibarra and the Parish Council of San Antonio who all helped make this program possible. World Vets looks forward to continuing to help animals in different regions of Ecuador and other countries around the world.