Bringing veterinary care to 450 Pets in Guatemala

The start of August brought together World Vets and the Antigua Street Dogs organization to deliver free veterinary services for the pets and people of Guatemala. World Vets’ team of 18 hardworking volunteers, alongside local vets and volunteer staff, cared for 450 dogs and cats in the town of Santa Maria de Jesus and the nearby communities.

Over three long and rainy clinic days, the team performed 436 sterilization surgeries to help reduce overpopulation of owned and unowned pets, including roaming street animals. World Vets also attended to and treated various sick and injured pets, including laceration cases and distemper/parvo puppies.

Special thanks goes to the local coordinator Sue Bohenstengel and to local surgeons, Dr. Dennys Marroquin and Dr. Nicole Byrne, for their participation in this mission. World Vets also expresses gratitude to the multitude of loyal and generous members, donors, volunteers, and supporters who help World Vets carry on this important work for people and pets in remote parts of the world.

As World Vets continues its mission to improve the lives of animals around the world, we invite you to support our work. Your donation will help support future missions through 2023 and into the next year. Donate today!