Team Nicaragua is sharing their last night together at the casa. The students have all had the opportunity to perform spays and neuters and the vets have thoroughly enjoyed teaching. The community was very welocming and we did a lot of good while we were here. This project was the first of many to come and we hope that spaying and neutering of pets will be commonplace in the coming years. This week was a big step in the right direction. We are thankful to Chris, Katie, Elvis, Harry and everyone else from Pelican Eyes for all of the organizing and planning that made this week a success. We were thankful to have Laura along as our translator this week and hope she comes on our trips often. We will watch for Jessica to apply to vet school instead of med school (we may have changed her career plans this week). We may also see Paulynne heading for vet school as well. They both have what it takes to make it. All of the students do. This was a truly a great group of individuals who came together for a common cause. I am thankful for everyones time, dedication and help. We saw a few last appointments at the clinic and did a final check up on Surger, our dog with the broken pelvis. He is walking and expected to make a full recovery. Tonight we were treated to a fabulous BBQ at the Pelican Eyes Hotel. Its time for me to sign off as we have to be up at 2am to head to the Managua airport in the morning.