Surgery, consultations and food poisoning?

>A new day and another clinic in Las Delicious, a barrio outside of San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua. All of our surgery patients from the past two days have fully recovered without complication. One person brought her dog back for a recheck but fortunately she was doing great and didn’t have so much as a swollen incision area. Dr Shelley continued in appointments while Dr Mike, Dr Karen and Dr Kazi worked with the students (who by now can almost go solo in surgery). I helped Lester, our Nicaraguan vet student, in surgery while two local vets observed our methods and techniques. By mid-day the team was fading. Unfortunately we had 5 people come down with suspected food poisoning. A “sick ward” formed in the corner of the building where they all had some down time away from operating tables. After we returned home, Paulynne and I summoned a local nurse practitioner to come to the aid of our fallen teammates. Most were feeling better as the evening progressed. Even with a few people out of commission we still had a good day. In the past three days we have seen 189 animals. Tomorrow brings a much deserved day off for the team. While the group heads out for some fun in the sun, I will be scoping out our next clinic location for the November project and doing some strategic planning with Katie and Chris at Pelican Eyes about our future veterinary programs in Nicaragua. World Vets is excited about the prospect of helping so many animals in this area of the world .