Pacific Partnership 09 Highlights

Pacific Partnership is a humanitarian mission carried out by the US Navy in collaboration with NGO’s, partner nations and other branches of the military. This years 4-month mission provides aid to Samoa, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands and Kirabati. World Vets is honored to be a part of the mission and the sole veterinary NGO participating. World Vets member Daniel Gildea (San Jose, California) has just returned from 7 weeks on board a US Navy ship which traveled from San Diego to the Oceania region. During his part of the mission, the group performed spays and neuters, worked on cattle, pigs and goats and provided educational programs on livestock husbandry. Next year, World Vets will travel with the military to South East Asia providing medical, dental and veterinary aid to the region as a part of Pacific Partnership 2010. Early next year, we will be recruiting veterinarians, technicians and veterinary students to participate in this exciting mission.