Veterinary Care for Galapagos Pets

Helping Pets in Galapagos! World Vets community veterinary clinic on the Galapagos Islands has now provided care to 3765 patients with over 2100 sterilization surgeries, as well as many complex medical and surgical cases. Thanks to our amazing veterinary team this month, under the skilled leadership of World Vets Field Service Veterinarian Dr Winnie Krogman, another 101 sterilization surgeries were performed along with numerous medical consultations and other life-saving surgical procedures. We are grateful for the ongoing support of our donors and volunteers who make this work possible, as well as our important collaboration with GAD Municipal de San Cristóbal Galápagos, Agencia de Bioseguridad para Galápagos, Animal Balance, and Lakefield Veterinary Group. This program delivers critical service for local pets while playing an important role in protecting the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands.