It’s Seal Pup Season: Marine Mammals Need your Help!

Seal pup season is in full swing in Puget Sound and World Vets needs your help to support veterinary response for marine mammal stranding cases. Since 2017, World Vets has been providing veterinary services for marine mammals in Washington state and summer is our busiest time of year.  To increase our capacity to help these animals, we have recently opened an urgent care unit and 24 hour holding facility at our Washington headquarters.

World Vets works in cooperation with local, state and federal agencies and provides veterinary support to stranding networks in Washington, especially in the south sound. We provide beach response for health assessments and triage, stabilizing treatments, referral to rehab centers, relocation and release when indicated and in-clinic urgent care. We also provide necropsy assistance on animals that have died to help study the health situation of marine mammals.

Our work depends on donations from generous donors like you. Your help will make a big impact for the health of marine mammals

Marine mammals are federally protected and our work is authorized and performed in cooperation with local, state and federal authorities. To report an injured or stranded marine mammal on the West Coast, call the West Coast Marine Mammal Stranding Network Hotline at 1-866-767-6114. Do not approach marine mammals and stay back at least 100 yards for viewing.