World Vets Team Arrives in Panama

>Nearly every month, we send a veterinary team from the US to work with our Panama Division of World Vets called Spaypanama. SpayPanama is run by director Pat Chan, who is one of the hardest working and most dedicated people I have ever met. Thanks to her leadership, the SpayPanama team and the efforts of countless volunteers and veterinarians, more than 21,000 cats and dogs have been spayed and neutered all over Panama. Pat Chan is a true hero! The large scale sterilization efforts have brought about significant and lasting positive change to the overall animal welfare situation in Panama. A World Vets team arrived in Panama earlier this week and will be working in the clinic in Panama City, followed by a weekend spay blitz in Farallon, Panama. I don’t have any picture updates from this group yet, but thought I’d share some photos from previous Panama projects with World Vets/SpayPanama.