Sea Lion Rescue in Seattle, WA

World Vets, working as part of the West Coast Marine Mammal Stranding Network,  recently responded to a California lion that was impaled on a bolt in the waters off Seattle, Washington.  The 600 lb sea lion was unable to free himself and was having difficulty keeping his head above water after his genital opening became impaled on a bolt attached to a floating security barrier.  With some sedation and great technical team work, the sea lion was freed.  He appeared to make a quick recovery.   This was a multi-agency response with World Vets, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Alaska Fisheries Science Center’s Marine Mammal Laboratory, SR3 and Seal Sitters.  Watch the dramatic rescue unfold in the video below.

In the Pacific Northwest, World Vets provides veterinary support, field response, urgent care and technical expertise for stranded and injured marine mammals.

To report a dead, injured or stranded marine mammal on the West Coast, call the West Coast Marine Mammal Stranding Hotline at 1-866-767-6114.