RESCUE OPERATION! World Vets helping to save Thailand’s dogs


Since early November, World Vets has been actively responding to the severe flooding in Thailand that has left thousands of street dogs in a life-threatening situation.  Our vet teams, working with local Thai organizations, are rescuing dogs from the floodwaters, delivering food and medical care to stranded dogs, providing triage and urgent care at the temporary shelters and performing spay/neuter surgeries on the rescued dogs that are well enough for surgery.  Although it has received very limited press coverage in the United States, the flooding is a major catastrophe especially for animals who struggle to keep their heads above the floodwaters.  As it turns out, most of the rescues are street dogs, of which there are tens of thousands in Thailand.  A few cats have been rescued as well (most were able to climb to safety) and the team has tended to the occasional elephant and even a tiger.   Donations are still needed to continue this effort which seems to have no immediate end in site.  In some areas the flooding is increasing and resources are becoming scarce.    So far, World Vets has donated over $20,000 worth of veterinary supplies to aid in the relief efforts.  Donations are still urgent needed for the relief efforts.  You can help by donating here:  DONATE

Last year World Vets was one of the winners of Heska Corporations Inspiration in Action Contest which helped provide equipment and supplies for our disaster relief program.  Earlier this year, World Vets was one of the first international veterinary aid organizations to arrive in Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami.  With disasters happening so frequently these days, there is an extremely high demand for our services especially for animals in developing countries that sometimes have no one to look out for their safety.

HESKA has just announced this years finalist in the Inspiration in Action contest so we encourage you to vote for your favorite!  I had the honor of being one of the judges to select the 5 finalists.  There were so many great ideas it was hard to choose!  The contest was great for World Vets and we wish all of the finalist the best of luck!  You can see the finalists and vote here:  VOTE