Opportunities for Students


World Vets has many exciting opportunities for students. Whether you are looking to simply travel and help animals or improve your veterinary skills, we have just the experience for you!

Below we distinguish between “volunteer” and “training” opportunities. Training opportunities guarantee hands on instruction and assistance to students in performing clinical tasks. As such, the objective of our training opportunities is to work with students to improve their skill set. Volunteer opportunities simply provide “on the job” style training, which in turn enables students to complete specific tasks as part of a team providing veterinary services. Read more about student volunteer duties and tasks here

The following opportunities apply to those currently enrolled in, or who are considering applying to, an academic institution for a veterinary medicine program (i.e. veterinary students, pre – veterinary students, veterinary technician students).

Volunteer Opportunities


  1.  Veterinary field projects: Veterinary field projects are operated throughout the year and visit many different locations around the world. They are typically scheduled for a one week duration with four veterinary work days and are either classified as small animal, equine or livestock. To carry out veterinary field projects, World Vets recruits a team of veterinarians, technicians, students and assistants. See upcoming veterinary field projects here

Training Opportunities


  1. International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) Program: The IVM Program is World Vets student program for veterinary, pre – veterinary and technician students who wish to gain clinical as well as practical veterinary experience. Sessions are typically scheduled for a one week duration and are offered 12 weeks out of the year. See upcoming IVM Program sessions here
  2. Personalized surgical training experience: Individualized surgical training will be offered starting in 2015 for veterinary students, recently graduated veterinarians and/or veterinarians preparing for qualifying exams. This opportunity will be provided out of our Latin American Veterinary Training Center located in Granada, Nicaragua. We only accept two participants max per week to ensure an intensive and personalized program. We are currently scheduling for August through until mid December 2015. Please inquire by filling out the Personalized Surgical Training Inquiry Form.
  3. Internship at World Vets Latin American Veterinary Training Center: Internship opportunities for pre-veterinary and/or veterinary technician students will be available starting in 2015 at our Latin American Veterinary Training Center located in Granada, Nicaragua. They will be offered for a minimum 1 month duration. Read more