Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Lynel Tocci

Lynel Tocci

Dr. Lynel Tocci, Florida, United States

Age:  49

School:  Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, 2004

Place of Employment:  Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists

Q:  Tell us about yourself and your experience with animals?

A:  I am a boarded specialist in small animal emergency critical care. I did an internship and residency at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston Massachusetts after I received my DVM at Tufts.

Q:  What is a fun fact about yourself?

A:  Everyone in my family`s first name begins with L.

Q:  What do you love about World Vets?

A:   Meeting new people and traveling to new places while providing assistance to animals in need.

Q:  What motivates you to volunteer with World Vets?

A:  The desire to pay it forward.

Q:  What was your favorite World Vets moment?

A:  Flying in the Us Navy Helo to remote places in Colombia and landing back on the ship In the middle of the ocean.


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