Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Gangadhar Patil

Dr. Gangadhar Patil, MA, United States

Age: 56

School: Bengaluru, India

Place of Employment:  Compassion Veterinary Clinic, Marlborough, Massachusetts

Q:  Tell us about yourself and your experience with animals?

A:  I got interested in veterinary medicine while in high school. I never had pets as a kid, but got interested in Small Animal Medicine while in vet school. I have been in the United States since 1982 and started my veterinary clinic in 1989 and still enjoy working in it.

Q:  What is a fun fact about yourself?

A:  I LOVE traveling and will make use of any excuse to do it.

Q:  What do you love about World Vets?

A:  The experience! There is great satisfaction in working in a stress free environment while helping animals and people in need. I have met some great people on World Vets projects. There is an amazing comradery with fellow volunteers, since most of them have a similar outlook in life. World Vets provides a platform to give back to society, while making new friends and experiencing new cultures.

Q:  What motivates you to volunteer with World Vets?

A:  My inner feelings to give back to society and enjoy new places and friends.

Q:  What was your favorite World Vets moment?

A:  It was on my first World Vets project in Ibarra, Ecuador.  The gratitude people had when I did a nephrectomy on a kitten with a cystic kidney.


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