Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Brenda Fox

Dr. Brenda Fox (far right)

Dr. Brenda Fox (far right)

Name: Brenda Fox

Home State: North Carolina, USA

School/Education:  North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Years of Animal Health Experience: 4 years

Current Occupation: Veterinarian

  • Tell us about your World Vets Journey.  How did you get involved?  
    I first heard about World Vets during my first year of Vet School, and thought it sounded amazing. I went on my first trip after my second year of Vet School and I loved it!


  •  How many trips have you volunteered with World Vets?  I’ve been on 3 trips, and am registered for 2 more this summer.
  • Do you have a favorite location?  Pisac, Peru
  • What inspires you to volunteer for World Vets?  The people in the communities we service- seeing the love that they have for their animals and the smiles on their faces.
  • Do you have a favorite World Vets experience?  I’d say staying in the jungle in Livingston, Guatemala.  That is something I never imagined I would ever do, and something I doubt I will ever do again.  It was hot and sticky and buggy, but I wouldn’t change a thing about that trip!
  • What would you tell future volunteers for World Vets?  If there is any part of you that is interested in taking a trip – do it!  The experience you’ll get will be worth it.  Also, if you’re extremely adventurous, sign up for a pilot project.  Things are sometimes fly-by-the-seat-of-the pants, and you never know what unexpected things you’ll encounter, but I think that makes the trips all the better!
  • When you’re not volunteering for World Vets, what does the rest of your life look like?   I’ve been married for 19 years.  We have 3 amazing dogs: Mearl, Rudd, and Rusty.  We live on the coast, and spend as much time as possible at the beach.  I also love to run, and have done about 20 marathons/ultra marathons.


Group World Vets photo. Dr. Fox, middle.

Group World Vets photo. Dr. Fox, middle.








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