Internship Program

World Vets is now offering an exciting internship opportunity for students at its Latin America Veterinary Training Center, located in Granada, Nicaragua. This opportunity is specifically geared toward pre-veterinary and/or veterinary technician students who are looking to gain hands-on veterinary experience.  Students will not be performing surgeries but will have abundant opportunities to learn and practice a variety of technical procedures such as blood draws, endotracheal intubation, IV catheter placement, use of esophageal and regular stethoscopes, bladder expression etc. Veterinary students will also be considered for acceptance into the internship program but they should be aware that they will not be doing surgery as a part of this program.  Veterinary students wishing to gain surgical experience should instead consider our IVM Program and/or personalized surgical training.

This internship offers an exciting opportunity to work with our staff during our Latin American veterinary training program which provides free spay/neuter services to the community while providing veterinary training opportunities to veterinarians from all over Latin America. The intern will be assisting and working along side these vets as well as our clinic staff veterinarians. They will take part in clinic activities Monday through Friday (8 am – 5 pm) and have weekends off.

Expected activities include surgical prep of patients, catheter placement, intubation, monitoring vitals during surgery, setting up and running fluid pumps, administering post-op injections as needed and monitoring patients in recovery. There will also be other tasks and/or activities that interns may be involved with depending on the events scheduled during their internship. This internship focuses on small animals and currently does not offer any opportunities working with horses and/or large animals.

Students may independently seek to gain credit through their own university and if required World Vets staff can sign off on school-provided evaluations or other verification of participation documents.  World Vets does not offer University credit for this program and it will be the students responsibility to pursue details on making those arrangements through their own school.

Internships are offered throughout the year and are scheduled outside of the IVM Program. In other words, both programs do not overlap and are not run concurrently. Internships are for a minimum of one month (4 weeks), though can last up to 2-3 consecutive months given interest, availability and scheduling restrictions. The fee for this internship is $1000/month, with a one month minimum. Additional weeks are $250 each.

The internship program is designed for independent travelers who are comfortable with arranging their own transportation/housing/meals during their stay.  Students will have the freedom to explore the local area on evenings and weekends and should plan to make their own independent arrangements for these activities. Spanish language proficiency is not required, though interns will find having basic if not moderate knowledge of Spanish will enhance their overall experience.

The fee for this program covers only the internship program.  *Not included in this fee: Housing, meals, international airfare, airport transfers, health and/or travelers insurance, Nicaraguan tourist visa ($10 USD) issued upon arrival, incidentals etc.

*Please note: We accept interns year round however, this internship opportunity will not be offered from mid- May to mid-August as this is when our International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) Program is scheduled.