Adoption Story: Roo




Name:  Roo

Adopter: Whitney Patz

Rescued from:  Granada, Nicaragua

Now lives in: Ewing, VA, United States





Q.  Can you describe the condition of your pet when you first saw them?

A:  Roo was a small puppy with a big potbelly. He was a dirty little guy when he first showed up to the World Vets clinic.

Q   How has life changed for your pet since the rescue?

A: Roo runs the house. He sleeps in bed with me and has his own chair in the den (the dog beds are occasionally used).

Q:  What is your pet’s favorite thing to do?

A: Destroy toys, hike, “catch“ the water from the hose, herd his brother Hank in the yard, and train.

Roo with his best bud Hank

Roo with his best bud Hank

World Vets helps tens of thousands of animals in developing countries and many of these are homeless or street animals, often suffering from malnutrition and neglect. While it is always desired to adopt these animals to local families, the reality is that there just aren’t enough homes and World Vets volunteers can’t help but fall in love with many of them. A few of them are lucky enough to go home with a World Vets volunteer to a new and amazing life that they would not have otherwise known. All animals receive appropriate health evaluations and vaccinations before they travel. We are proud to have such compassionate volunteers on the World Vets team!

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