Adoption Story: Payton




After (on left)

After (on left)







Name:  Payton

Adopter:  Carlee Fiddes

Rescued from:  Granada, Nicaragua 

Now lives in:  Fort Collins, CO

Q.  Can you describe the condition of your pet when you first saw them?

A:  Payton was young and potbellied, but overall she was healthy.  She came from Granada Animal Outreach, a local rescue in Nicaragua.  When they took her in though, she was a mess.

Q   How has life changed for your pet since the rescue?

A:  Payton is living the good life. She spends two or more days a week at puppy daycare. She has an amazing big sister who looks out for her at daycare. These two sleep together, eat together, and are basically inseparable.

Q:  What is your pet’s favorite thing to do?

A:  Her favorite thing to do is play with all of her toys! Her favorite toys include nylabones, deer antlers and any toy she can de-stuff!


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