Adoption Story: Nico















Name:  Nico

Adopter:  Jenny Schilling

Rescued from:  Sosua, Dominican Republic

Now lives in:  Moscow, Idaho, United States

Q.  Can you describe the condition of your pet when you first saw them?

A:  Nico was found chasing down our truck in a sugarcane field miles from any road or human being. He was dehydrated, bloated, covered in fleas and ticks, and had little bloody wounds and scabs all over him from trying to scratch the fleas and ticks off.

Q   How has life changed for your pet since the rescue?

A:  Nico is my wingman for everything and goes everywhere with me. From coffee drive-thrus (where he always gets a treat!) to running errands he is always sitting in the passenger seat. He is also my hiking buddy and adventure dog. He has explored all over Washington, Idaho, and Utah with me and I will continue to discover new trails with him. He is a World Vets Student Ambassador with me and has attended presentations and informational meetings with me as I promote World Vets and all the wonderful work they do. Nico is also best friends with my cat, Zelo, and they will be lifelong snuggle buddies together.

Q:  What is your pet’s favorite thing to do?

A:  Nico loves hiking, rolling around in the dirt, digging (unfortunately), taking cat naps with his pal Zelo, and meeting new people-especially kids!


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