Adoption Story: Lilly













Name:  Lilly

Adopter:  Shawn Bietz

Rescued from:  Granada, Nicaragua

Now lives in: Tripp, South Dakota 

Q:  Can you describe the condition of your pet when you first saw them?

A:  Thin, dirty and full of ticks, fleas and mites.

Q:  How has life changed for your pet since the rescue?

A:  She has absolutely flourished.  She has a healthy appetite, a beautiful hair coat and is full of energy!  She is a very happy girl!

Q:  What is your pet’s favorite thing to do? 

A:  It is probably a tie between eating and running.  Mention the word “supper” and she is jumping 4 ft up and down and barking with anticipation.  She also loves to run and uses our hallway as a racetrack!

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