Adoption Story: Henry


Henry Before


Henry after











Name:  Henry

Adopter:  Mackenzie Fox

Rescued from:  Saint George’s, Grenada

Now lives in:  Washington DC

Q.  Can you describe the condition of your pet when you first saw them?

A:  A wonderful good samaritan found Henry by himself at a nearby school ground.  He was brought to the Grenada SPCA animal shelter, the local organization that World Vets was collaborating with.  Henry was dehydrated and had an underdeveloped eye.

Q   How has life changed for your pet since the rescue?

A:  Henry has grown into a healthy and happy boy.  He is now a year old and underwent a surgery to remove his underdeveloped and infected eye.  He is best buds with my other cat and they love to sunbathe, groom and wrestle together.

Q:  What is your pet’s favorite thing to do?

A:  Henry’s favorite thing to do is run around like a crazy half monkey island cat and climb door frames!


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