Good News for the Animals of Ecuador


We received official notice today that World Vets has received a grant from the Fondation Brigitte Bardot in Paris, France to support the first phase of a spay/neuter initiative in Ibarra, Ecuador. It is common practice in Ecuador for city governments to carry out mass strychnine poisonings of dogs and cats to control overpopulation. World Vets is hoping to bring an end to that practice. We have entered into a signed agreement with the municipal government of Ibarra stating that with our implementation of a spay/neuter program, the poisonings will end. We hope to have a team in Ecuador by this November to implement the surgical, training and education phase of the project. Dr Mike Corcoran, an emergency and critical care veterinarian of Vancouver Washington will be our project leader and Abraham Herrera will be our local logistics coordinator. For all our World Vets volunteers who have been anxiously awaiting a project in Ecuador, keep an eye on our website for official sign up information!

The time has come. The World Vets Blog!

We Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and Photo Share, not to mention sending veterinary teams to the far reaches of the globe multiple times every month to help thousands of animals in need. I guess it’s finally time that we have a blog too. So here it is! With so much World Vets news happening every day, this is the best way to share the news and keep all of our dedicated volunteers, donors and supports up to date. I am not a writer or a photographer, but I’ll do my best to share the news and pictures of World Vets in action.

So, whats happening RIGHT NOW? Something big, that’s what! Daniel Gildea, a World Vets volunteer from San Jose California is currently in Tonga representing World Vets on Pacific Partnership 2009 (PP09). PP09 is a four month humanitarian aid mission providing medical, dental, veterinary and construction/engineering aid to the Oceania region. The mission is carried out with teams traveling from country to country onboard a US Navy ship. World Vets is honored to be the veterinary NGO represented on this partnership with the US Military, partner nations and other NGO’s.

Daniel boarded the USNS Amelia Earhart in San Diego in mid-June. After spending a couple weeks at sea organizing gear and supplies, the team made a mid-sea helicopter transfer to the USS Richard Byrd and headed for their first 2-week mission in Samoa. Additional stops will include Tonga, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands and Kiribati.

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