9 Things You Need to Know About Volunteering with World Vets

1) Something will not go as planned.  World Vets does its best to plan every aspect of our projects.  However, in foreign countries we are working with different cultures and attitudes, so sometimes plans have to change.  Our volunteers need to be ready to adapt to any situation.

2) You will be working with people you don’t know.  Our teams are made up of veterinary professionals and volunteers from all over the world so you should be able to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

3) We work long hours.  On clinic days expect a 12 to 14 hour work day – our volunteers like to work hard.

4) Independence is a virtue.  Volunteers should be fairly independent; be able to travel well internationally by themselves, arrange and book their own flight and make pre – travel arrangements.

5) You will be in a foreign country.  If you have not traveled to a foreign country, expect it to vary from what you are used to.  Whether its rules of the road, the food or the facilities, expect that it won’t be the same as where you currently live.  Our volunteers tend to have an open attitude about this and look forward to experiencing the differences.

6) You will be representing World Vets.  This means you will need to be professional, ethical, adaptable and hard-working.  We expect professional conduct throughout the project.

7) There are other expectations.  We believe this should go without saying but we don’t want to leave anything to chance – we expect all of our volunteers to respect local cultures and customs.

8) Working conditions are…distinct.  Expect working conditions to be hot, dirty and sometimes smelly.

9) You will probably come home different than when you left.  No, that doesn’t mean you got neutered!  Each of our volunteers will tell us of a unique way that a project changed their life  but the one thing they all have in common is that they have changed.

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