A Brand New Beginning for “Nico”

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World Vets volunteer, Jenny Shilling, holds “Nico” during our Dominican Republic field operative

The international field service projects that World Vets operates have the potential to positively impact the lives of our volunteers and most importantly the animals they travel to treat. On our most recent field operative in the Dominican Republic, the experience of one volunteer, Jenny Shilling, demonstrates this perfectly.

Before veterinary services started, World Vets team was taken on a “community outreach” tour. This tour highlighted the communities and subsequently the animals that our local partners aid in Sosua and its surrounding areas. Upon driving through an abandoned sugar cane field, they spotted a dead-looking puppy on the side of the path. Before they knew it, the dog sprang up and started chasing down their vehicle as fast as his little puppy feet would go. They stopped and scooped him up.

He was a mess; a scrappy, flea covered, tick covered, extremely dehydrated, shaking

"Nico" gets his picture taken with Santa

“Nico” gets his picture taken with Santa

mess. He had self-inflicted bloody flea infested wounds all over his head, neck, and back as he had frantically tried to scratch the fleas off.

Without hesitating, they wrapped him in a jacket and once back at their accommodations began treating him. After a dose of capstar, two flea baths, picking ticks out of his ears for over an hour, lots of water and food he looked like a totally different dog.

Shortly thereafter, he became the team mascot; staying at team accommodations, eating breakfast with everyone and even accompanying them to the clinic every day where everyone involved loved him unconditionally.

He has since been named “Dominico” or “Nico” for short and has been relocated with Jenny in the United States.

The abandoned sugar cane field is sadly a local dumping site for unwanted puppies. With the 375 sterilizations that World Vets provided in Sosua this year, we have helped to significantly reduce the number of undesired litters in and around this community. And as Jenny states, “This made the work the team did in the Dominican Republic even more rewarding knowing that even one less puppy would be dumped due to sterilization made the entire World Vets mission even more apparent.”

We thank Fondation Brigitte Bardot for their continual support of our spay/neuter operatives in the Dominican Republic


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Helping the Midwest Tornado Victims



After the devastating storms in the Midwest, Jon Byler Dann’s dog Maggie was missing after their home was flattened by the tornado.  According to weatherchannel.com, his family survived but their beloved dog Maggie could not be found.   Nearly 30 hours later, Maggie was found buried in the rubble- alive but injured.  She is currently being treated for a dislocated hip and respiratory issues at the Teegarden Veterinary Clinic in Washington, Illinois.   World Vets spoke to the clinics’ owner Dr Michael Thomas earlier today and he indicated the Maggie is expected to recover.  They are treating several animals injured in the tornado.  Most heartbreaking is how many of their clients have pets that are still missing.  World Vets has pledged financial support to Teegarden Veterinary Clinic to help pets like Maggie and pets belonging to owners who are in a hardship situation because of the tornado.


World Vets is also responding to the Philippines typhoon where we currently have teams on the ground providing rescue and aid. When disaster happen in our country, we reach out to our network across the country and support those who are most able to provide immediate relief- the clinics and shelter already located in the area.

World Vets Reaches Out to Help Midwest Tornado Victims

Image courtesy of Scott Olson, NY Daily News

Image:Scott Olson, NY Daily News

Our hearts go out to the victims of the recent tornadoes that have ripped through the Midwestern United States and we are reaching out with support.  World Vets has a network of veterinarians all over United States (and the world).  When disasters strike in our own country, we reach out to those who are in the best position to help – the vets and shelters already working in the local area. Financial support and product donations will be provided to support local veterinary clinics and/or shelters helping animals in the affected areas.  Any donations we receive will go directly to support these local groups, which will be announced. Specific needs are still being assessed but we know that many lost pets have already been brought to local clinics and shelters. Many happy reunions have already taken place.



World Vets Mission is to improve the health and well being of animals by providing veterinary aid and training in developing countries and by providing disaster relief worldwide.

World Vets Annual Expenditures

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World Vets is Committed to Transparency and Excellence

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World Vets is a registered 501c(3) Non Government Organization.  All donations to World Vets are tax deductible.  Tax ID # 20-4637447

Three Successful Field Operatives Completed

131113_0510World Vets would like to welcome back it’s teams that recently provided field operatives in Honduras, Dominican Republic and Ecuador. With the combined efforts of our teams, we were able to positively impact and treat close to 1000 animals in just a few days time, including 575 surgical procedures. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers, local partners and Fondation Brigitte Bardot for their support and efforts of these field service projects.

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